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Buffet Packages

Finger food buffet packages

Check our 4 proposed finger food buffets, with prices starting from £6.50 per person. 


All food choices are exposed cold in trays for your guests to self-serve. 

Hot Self Served buffet packages

See more info about our 3 proposed Self Served buffets starting from £15.00 per person.

All food choices are exposed in chafin dishes for your guests to self-serve.

Hot Served behind the Chaffins line buffet packages

See more info about our 3 proposed Served buffets starting from £19.00 per person.

All food choices are exposed in chafing dishes and we serve your guests behind the Chaffins line.

Sit-Down Served buffet package

In this buffet your guests are sit-down and they are served by waiters like in the restaurant.

See more info about our 3 proposed starting from £25.00 per person.

Sit-Down Shared buffet package

This buffet is a single dish where the food is served in trays placed in the middle of the table.

For this buffet you absolutely have to consider the size of your table which must contain the trays with food and dishes for your guests.

Meat Lovers buffet packages

Are you interested in a dinosaur buffet?

We offer a tasting of meats prepared in succulent Scottish and Italian recipes.

Vegetarian -Vegan buffet packages

Are you following a vegetarian or vegan diet?

We offer a lot of veg dishes prepared with fantasy for your table.

Vol-au-vent Prawns.jpg
Smoked Salmon and cheese Sandwich.jpg
Spinach Sun.jpg
Ravioli spinaci e ricotta.jpg
Roast Beef.jpg
Roasted potatoes.jpg
Peas soup.jpg
Penne mascarpone porcini.jpg
Chicken in porchetta.jpg
Dauphinoise Potatoes.jpg
Cauliflower and cheese soup.jpg
Saltinbocca alla romana.jpg
Cheese board.jpg
Fillet tenderlon sous vide.jpg
Saltinbocca alla romana.jpg
Roast Beef.jpg
Roast Pork and mushroom sauce.jpg
Lentil Soup.jpg
Ravioli spinaci e ricotta.jpg
Caprese salad.jpg
Chicken ratatuille.jpg
Mac Cheese.jpg
Creamy Spinach.jpg
Crostata di frutta.jpg

Looking for inspiration for your buffet? 

Have a look at our menu and all our hot buffet options. 

We have choices for any dietary requirements and if you have any special requests, please get in touch.

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