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At the heart of Cateritaly there is an Italian couple coming from a lifetime of Italian traditions, with a baggage of successful recipes that have been passed down from mother to daughter for over 100 years.

Accomplishment of a healthy and tasty meal is met by homemaking most of our pastas and breads and by the use fresh ingredients according to seasonal availability: our goal is to preserve the frugality and flavours of Italian cuisine by using genuine Italian products and following our traditions.

In Italy food is an art, a pleasure, a moment to enjoy the company of family, friends and loved ones. We believe these feelings should be enjoyed at birthdays, weddings and work lunches in the same measure.

Cateritaly strives to the accomplishment of this goal, working hard to deliver the best products for every taste and every event.


This is a buffet for 80 people, personalised to the host likings for less than £9.00 per head.
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26/02/2018 - Have you heard about Pizza Classes

Making pizza can end up in a messy crime scene far faster than you think: tomato splashes all around, dead yeast and a sad flat pizza burnt in the oven. How many times has this happened?

You do not need to be a professional cook, a guru of the kitchen, a Masterchef… by any means, you do not even need to know what flour is and the difference between olive oil and extra-virgin olive oil!

STEP BY STEP how to make a delicious pizza.
Learn how to make pizza from simple ingredients and you shall never be hungry again!

Our pizza classes are FUN, great opportunities to network and get to know new people as well as eat a lot of pizza. Recently, we invited a bunch of friends over to share, improve and put to the test their pizza skills! You can find a glimpse of how that went on Greg Friel Vlog

We also made a video so next time you make pizza and accidentally forget a detail, you can rewatch and re-learn. Find it on our Facebook page and leave a comment!
You can find info about our next pizza class under the ''Meet Us'' menu!

You Welcome =)

You can find Greg's amazing website

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Monday 09.00 17.00
Tuesday 09.00 17.00
Wednesday 09.00 17.00
Thursday 09.00 17.00
Friday 09.00 17.00
Dairy free Italian catering Glasgow Dairy free
Gluten free Italian catering Glasgow Gluten free
Nut free Italian catering Glasgow Nuts free
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