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At the heart of Cateritaly there is an Italian couple coming from a lifetime of Italian traditions, with a baggage of successful recipes that have been passed down from mother to daughter for over 100 years.

Accomplishment of a healthy and tasty meal is met by homemaking most of our pastas and breads and by the use fresh ingredients according to seasonal availability: our goal is to preserve the frugality and flavours of Italian cuisine by using genuine Italian products and following our traditions.

In Italy food is an art, a pleasure, a moment to enjoy the company of family, friends and loved ones. We believe these feelings should be enjoyed at birthdays, weddings and work lunches in the same measure.

Cateritaly strives to the accomplishment of this goal, working hard to deliver the best products for every taste and every event.


This is a buffet for 80 people, personalised to the host likings for less than £9.00 per head.
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21/04/2018 - Best Coffee EVER?

How many times have you walked in a coffee bar and though "This is the Best coffee Ever"?
In my case, not many.

The coffees I like best, in my very personal scale are: Nespresso (what else?), Kimbo, Lavazza Qualita Rossa and the Nicaragua Blend offered by Unorthodox Roaster.

This past Monday, Cateritaly team took a day for a road trip down to Birmingham to visit the FoodEx exhibition hosted at the NEC.
This was a fantastic exhibition, we got to try many different foods, meet many different people and learn a lot about big scale productions.
And we found the best coffee.

Chef Francesca tried it first, as I was a bit sceptical.. Someone had just given me a cup of dirty water, saying it was coffee: the most acid thing I ever had. No thanks.
Chef Francesca sipped her coffee, opening her eyes wide and burst in an exclamation of pure joy: "buonissimo!"
Chef Franco tried it too... "Veramente Buonissimo".
So I tried. The coffee was a smooth, thick, short, with a strong aroma and the right amount of foam on top. The sugar sat on the foam before being absorbed. The taste was rich, soft and sweet like a hug. No trace of acidity.

I think I can now say the coffee on top of my list is the one produced by SAKA Caffé. We got to speak with Maria, the owner, that explained a lot about the art of coffee.... and that surely knows what she is talking about, as she produces an amazing coffee... BEST COFFEE EVER.

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