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Hot Buffet

How to make your buffet a success

General hints for planning your hot buffet

​Planning a perfect event is not an easy task, there are plenty of things you need to keep in mind:

Hot buffets can be arranged for both standing and sitting down events.

  • Pick different flavour combinations: often guests pile a little bit of everything onto their plates, so variety is key. Moreover, not everybody will like everything, as food is very subjective, so having different flavours on your table should give a choice of food to everyone. 

  • Choose different and various hot foods options, such as pastas, meats, and vegetables, with different colours and textures. This helps you meet your guests tastes and impress with an array of options that also please the eye. 

  • For a hot buffet, opt to display food in a neat line of chaffing dishes. Chaffing dishes can keep food hot for a prolonged length of time and give a professional look to your event. 

    • Please note chaffing dishes require a burning candle underneath to maintain the heat.​

What can we help with:

  • We can set the table for you when we deliver your food. Just let us know if you have any preferences and we will arrive ahead of schedule to set everything up for you. 

  • We can provide chaffing dishes to present & serve your food items as well as ceramic trays for cold food options if you decide for a mixture of hot and cold food items. We will pick them back up after the event. Sometimes this is not possible due to distances, however we would prefer you using our trays rather than disposable plastic or aluminium ones. This is not only a more appealing show for your guests, but also a greener option as it limits the amount of plastic being thrown out.

  • We provide any additional items you might need, such as:

    • Crockery

    • Cutlery

    • Glasses

    • Tablecloths

    • Trays 

    • Chaffin dishes​

  • We can supply assistance staff, such as:

    • assistants behind the Chaffin line​ (see the service).

    • Waiter services​​

Check out our video on how to plan a great buffet:

Looking for inspiration for your buffet? 

Have a look at our menu and all our hot buffet options. 

We have choices for any dietary requirements and if you have any special requests, please get in touch.

Our Services in a nutshell

What We Can Do
Chaffing Hire
Guests move along the buffet and serve themselves. We supply all necessary non-disposable platters and chaffins and we will collect them after the event.
Staff Hire
We serve your guests from behind the buffet line (This is not a waiter service)
Waiter Hire
We serve your guests as waiters, with drinks and when they are at sit-down the table
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