Cateritaly is a family run business, managed by CEO Franco, Chef Francesca, Office Manager Linda.

    • Chef At Home Francesca
    • Chef Francesca is a caring and loving mother who also sews amazing patchwork as a hobby!

    • About Us All Together
    • CEO Franco, Chef Francesca and our hard working youngsters: Lucia & Susanna

    • Linda
    • Office Manager Linda, who is also studying Business Management on the side.

  • Together, we offer real Italian food prepared and cooked with the same love and care put into feeding our own children. We strongly believe that feeding the family is the first, most important and biggest act of love and this is how we want our customer to feel: part of the family!

  • We use original Italian recipes and fresh locally sourced meats and vegetables to ensure high quality.

  • We wish "buon appetito" to all our amazing customers!

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