Since 2016, we’ve delighted our customers with delicious, authentic and healthy food.

Cateritaly is a family-run business, with Chef Franco and Francesca delicious recipes, tested through years of birthday parties and family celebrations.

We moved to Glasgow in 2015 and we brought with us all our delicious recipes, from Padova, our Italian hometown.

Cateritaly was created in 2016 by Franco and Francesca’s love for great Italian food, and their passion for providing it to others. Catering for small and large parties has been a challenge, a pleasure and above all, a lot of fun!

We met some pretty awesome people and we grew our understanding of Scottish cuisine and culture a bit more.

In 2019, we started the production of our own brand of Ragu, EPRONTO (which translates as “it’s ready” in Italian) and we focused on EPRONTO during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.

As a result of the pandemic, our catering was reduced significantly and we made the decision to switch to food production.

Now, in 2022, we are looking forward to turn on our stove and cook for all the parties we have been missing during the pandemic.

    • Chef At Home Francesca
    • Chef Francesca is an amazing mum and a fantastic cook with a creative mind. Her favourites are cakes and she is very creative in bringing beautiful designs to her dishes. Ask her about FocacciArt for an interesting appetiser!

      She is always looking out for new recipes and new products to be developed. She loves good food and is always looking out for her and her family health.

      She loves to interact with people and is a pleasure to converse with, she loves to learn.

    • CEO Franco
    • Franco, also known as Papa' in the kitchen, is our director and lead chef.

      He is a number guy with a funny sense of humour and lots of positivity! Always looking out for the next improvement, he is happy when things run smoothly and plates are full.

    • Linda
    • Linda is Franco and Francesca's first daughter, which is currently in charge of business development. Fresh out of university with a Business Management degree, she is eager to learn how to put everything into practice.

      She loves when things go according to plan and welcomes any constructive criticisms. She does not perform well when she is hungry.

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