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At the heart of Cateritaly there is an Italian couple coming from a lifetime of Italian traditions, with a baggage of successful recipes that have been passed down from mother to daughter for over 100 years.

Accomplishment of a healthy and tasty meal is met by homemaking most of our pastas and breads and by the use fresh ingredients according to seasonal availability: our goal is to preserve the frugality and flavours of Italian cuisine by using genuine Italian products and following our traditions.

In Italy food is an art, a pleasure, a moment to enjoy the company of family, friends and loved ones. We believe these feelings should be enjoyed at birthdays, weddings and work lunches in the same measure.

Cateritaly strives to the accomplishment of this goal, working hard to deliver the best products for every taste and every event.


This is a buffet for 80 people, personalised to the host likings for less than £9.00 per head.
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23/01/2018 - Italian Coffee - Begins in Venice and evolves in Tiramisu

Coffee is such a loved drink all around the globe; someone will say it is ‘’survival juice’’.

The Arabs first decided to experiment with the coffee plant and discover its potential and started to trade the coffee beans with Northern Africa. The drink was soon labelled as a drug, after seeing benefits from its assumption.

The bean entered the European market in the 17th Century and coffee was first introduced to Italy thanks to Venice, Serenissima at the time, which had trade connections with the Arabs.

The first cafe in Italy was indeed opened in Venice, in Saint Mark square - between 1640 and 1683 - where it became a symbol and an excuse to meet, converse and enjoy other people company.

In Italy, in fact, coffee is strong and brewed as an espresso, not too hot to burn your tongue and is intended to be drunk quickly. Later on, the addition of milk to the coffee created many more variants, such as Cappuccino, Macchiato.

Caffe is also at the base of an ancient Venetian dessert, loved all around the world: Tiramisu.
According to our traditions, Tiramisu as we know it now, was invented much later the first introduction to coffe - arount the 1900!
But can you imagine a more appropriate dessert for such a loved drink?

Do you want to try a traditional Venetian Style Tiramisu? You can order through our website, through the Food Assemblies or at the next Farmer Market!

Free Advice: Italians do not drink Cappuccino after 11:00 AM in the morning.
If you are planning a trip to Italy, visit Venice and it’s region, Veneto. Do not forget to ask for a ‘caffe corretto Grappa’. (corrected coffee with Grappa, a local traditional liquor).

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